Work Efficiency Module

Finally everything in one place: tasks and goals, deadlines, all workers and their skill levels.

Via mobile: the worker takes over the tasks and the employer monitors the workflow.

The system monitors job performance based on task assignment. At the same time, the superior can set goals and expectations for the employee.

Based on the performed tasks, it is monitored how fast the employee progresses in the work and how successfully and efficiently he performs his job.

Performance monitoring enables the generation of polyvalence matrices and the assignment of work tasks to those who are most capable of performing them.

Through the mobile app, workers can easily track and download their work tasks, and work efficiency is automatically monitored in the background.

Automatic notification of employees about their obligations reduces costs, increases work efficiency and reduces the possibility of errors in administration.

Active monitoring of work efficiency and care for workers increases their satisfaction, productivity and retention rate. Based on the tasks performed, management can monitor the progress of employees and their performance in the business. By collecting data, the system only shows how much the employee is capable of doing a particular task.

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